Natural living lives on

1. Global Healing Center: Fair trade organic coffee costs more than your average grocery store bean, but according to this blog, the purchase is well worth your pennies. This blog makes an argument for choosing fair trade organic coffee, and it clarifies what exactly “fair trade” means while doing so.

2.Natural Health Ezine: “Roughly 70 million Americans suffer from sleep deprivation, “says freelance writer Carol J. Alexander in a blog post for Natural Health Ezine. She tells her own personal story of sleep deprivation and shares information and advice for getting on a healthy sleep cycle.

3. Native Remedies Blog: With the  pollutants and chemical irritants we encounter on a daily basis, nasal congestion has become a common problem for many people.  Symptoms of nasal congestion include headaches and pressure in between the eyes. Neti pots are a great remedy for this without the harsh side effects of over the counter medications. These little pots are shaped to fit in nasal openings and are used to dispense saline solution though the nasal passage, thus relieving nasal congestion. Read for more information.

4. Alternative Medicines: Good news! Apparently we don’t have to kill our bodies in the gym all the time to get some of the health benefits. Just doing a few easy stretching exercises a day can improve your physical fitness. Stretching can both lengthen and strengthen your muscles, and it promotes deep breathing. Stretch!

5. Blog of Herbs and Health: Ever notice that no fat or low fat diets don’t usually work out? That’s because healthy fats are essential to the body just like carbohydrates and proteins.  All three are considered macromolecules. When one deprives the body of healthy fats, the body starts to conserve the fat supplies it has in the body, therefore, it is difficult to loose weight. Read this post to learn what kinds of fats are healthy fats.


Natural health to keep you going!

New York Times: Ah, the great organic food debate. This post might give you another reason to spend those extra dollars on organic produce. According to a study published in The Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, organically grown tomatoes have higher levels a flavonoids than in conventionally grown tomatoes. There is evidence that flavonoids may fight age-related disease, like cardiovascular disease. Read up.

Her-blog-ogy: Oats… we crave them when the weather gets cold, and for good reason. The breakfast good is eaten to generate warmth and energy, but the whole plant is used in herbal medicine. The plant, oat straw is a strong tonic for the nervous system, and it is rich in vitamins, minerals and flavonoids.

Reiki, Medicine and Self-Care with Pamela Miles: Reiki is a healing art of Japanese origin. This blog is a great resource to explore Reiki treatment. This particular post discusses whether Reiki is a spiritual practice or energy medicine. Read to see what healer Pamela Miles has to say. Miles has demonstrated the healing art on the “Dr. Oz Show.”

Natural Health Ezine: This blog always delivers reads with great practical information. This post on natural antihistamines shares a wealth of natural alternatives to drugstore allergy pills, which either leave your groggy or amped up.

Acupuncture Health Insights: Another true blue. Lynn Jaffee can always find a way to bring everything back to the chinese medicine perspective. This time, she takes the media’s description of “outraged voters” and relates it to liver stagnations. Jaffee discuses how anger and rage are deeply related to liver function. Read on to see the connection.

Here are some healthy reading treats for Halloween!

Natural Health Ezine: Cabbage! Not only is it great in stews, but it is packed with vitamins and nutrients.  It can also lower cholesterol and according to new studies, it is healthy for the entire digestive track.

Sacred Eden Blog: There is more to mushrooms than its tasty quality. Certain ‘shrooms have some powerful healing properties as well.

Acupuncture Health Insights: This is a post about learning to believe in the power of acupuncture. Joy Paley, a science and technology writer from Berkeley, CA, writes as a guest blogger to Acupuncture Insights.

Blog of Herbs and Health: The great debate: Are Alternative medicine remedies more safe and effective? Writer Kathy Wilson provides readers with three reasons to at least give alternative medicine a try, so you can then decide for yourself.

Sacred Eden Blog: Vitamins are absolutely necessary to a person’s well-being. This blog discusses how different people need different vitamins and also lists a couple of the most important. Read up!

Back again with a fresh set of natural health reads!

1.Blogs of Herbs and Health: This blog post covers the benefits of alternative medicine and the best instances to use particular alternative therapies. This is a good general piece about alternative medicine.

2.Natural Health EZine: Is green tea as good for you as we think it is? This piece takes an objective look at green and compares it to black tea. Find out the pros and cons of both in this easy read.

3.Native Remedies Blog: Apparently men and women were made differently. We each have our own health risks. Taking this into consideration, there are different dietary needs for the each sex to combat disease and ailments.

4. Alternative Medicines: High blood pressure affects an overwhelming amount of individuals in the united states. Read for three easy diet tips to help control blood pressure.

5. Blog of Herbs and Health: Bad hair day? Lots of bad hair days. Before you go to the salon and pay an obscene amount of money on a product that only worked so good when the stylist did it, give this blog a read. It talks about the types of foods we can eat for thick, lustrous hair. The blog also discusses the herbs to use for hair disorders, such as hair-thinning.

More natural reads!

1. LIP GLOSS: Natural Health Ezine: Wow! I was shocked to hear about the toxic, petroleum-based ingredients found in most lip balms and, according to this article, many of them only dry your lips out more. ChapStick Addiction!  This article gives the recipe and instruction to make your own, safe and moisturizing lip balm

2. VITAMIN B: Alternative Medicines: Ladies listen up! A Vitamin B deficiency can be the cause of a number of symptoms for women,  including but not limited too: tingling hands or feet, feelings of dread, and indigestion. This blog shares more symptoms and easy ways to get the complex back in your system like eating dried apricots — YUM!

3. FREEZE YOUR HERBS: Natural Health Ezine: By now we know the amazing power of herbs. But, if you are growing them yourself or found you bought too many to use at once, save them! Some herbs can be dried, but other herbs with high water content such as mint and chive can mold before they drive. For these kind, freezing is better. Read to learn more!

4. STRESS: Acupuncture Health Insights: Lynn Jaffee always brings good reads on natural health. Here she discusses three causes of stress.

5. THUNDERSTORM ANXIETY FOR PETS: Holistic Healing for Pets: If  you have a pet that freaks out during thunderstorms, and your not into administering tranquilizers this is a good read for you.

First reads of October! Stay natural for Fall!

1.WHY MEDICINAL HERBS: Tonic Food Club: A quick read for newcomers about the history of medicinal herb use from the Tonic Food Club, a group of San Diego wellness professionals and alternative practitioners.

2. ROACHES EEK!: Natural Health Ezine: I can’t stress enough the endless variety of issues we can solve naturally, and I think this blog post supports that argument. Roaches are probably one of the most creepy home invaders of this age. Natural Health Ezine has armed readers with knowledge and tools to combat this icky house war.

3. LINDSAY LOHAN NEEDS ACUPUNCTURE: Acupuncture Health Insights: Another great read by Lynn Jaffee.  This time, she shares how she would treat Lohan’s drug addiction issues if the celebrity were in her care. Of course, this is all hypothetical, but she uses the example to talk about a particular treatment that deals with anxiety.

4 .SORE THROAT: Ayurvedic Talk: With the refreshing cold weather comes the unpleasant cold and flu symptoms. Here are some simple home remedies to soothe an aching throat.

5. HIGH-FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP: Natural Health Ezine: You are what you eat. What you feed your body has everything to do with how well it functions. This post might make you think twice about high-fructose corn syrup.

Natural Health — still going strong!

1. FUNCTIONAL FOODS: Ayurveda and Yoga Blog: This informative blog shows how your pantry can also serve as a medicine cabinet with the use of “functional foods,” like curry spice, cranberry juice and dark chocolate!  The information in this blog comes from an  Ayurvedic medicine perspective, a traditional medicine native to India.

2. HOLISTIC MEDICINE FOR PETS: Holistic Healing for Pets: If you believe in holistic/alternative medicine, and you are a pet lover, this read is for you.  Dr. Deneen Fasano, a holistic veterinarian, gives five reasons why to choose a holistic vet. This post also offers newbies an introduction to basic holistic principals.

3. HEADACHE CAUSES AND FIXES: Sacred Eden Blog: This piece discusses some of the more unusual causes of headaches like wearing high heels,  and what to do to avoid them.

4. ASPARAGUS, GARLIC FOR WEIGHT LOSS AND BLOOD SUGAR: Ayuveda and Yoga Blog: This post shares how simply adding asparagus, garlic and artichokes can help you loose weight and possibly  prevent diabetes, according to a recent study. The vegetables mentioned, which are all fermentable carbohydrates, “can suppress hungers,” and help regulate blood sugar levels.

5. BEETROOT JUICE AND CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE: Healthy New Age Blog: Although beetroot juice has been widely known as a natural way to combat cardiovascular disease, this post addresses how it works.

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