Natural remedies for everyday worries

Not everyone is aware of just how many things we can handle naturally. Here is a little taster of how common health, hygiene and cosmetic problems can be dealt with using natural methods.

BAD BREATHE, Alternative Medicines: I am not suggesting that anyone stop brushing his or her teeth, but there are some natural remedies to aid in the battle against bad breath. Alternative Medicines, a blog that provides a variety of information on alternative healing, has a very interesting blog on how the use of an herb can fix the root of a bad-breath problem.

DARK CIRCLES UNDER EYES, Acupuncture Health Insights: Dark circles can really cost a girl a lot of money on under-eye concealer. Lynn Jaffee, a licensed acupuncturist and the author of “Simple Steps: The Chinese Way to Better Health, discusses the causes of dark circles from an acupuncturist’s  perspective and also from the perspective of western medicine. She also provides tips to reduce dark circles.

PMS, Native Remedies Blog: Well, its no secret that PMS can really ruin a females week. A. Tarallo, of Native Remedies Blog, provides helpful information on how to treat the symptoms with the common kitchen herb, Rosemary.

ACNE, Alternative Medicines: Although, there are some very powerful creams and pills on the market to cure acne, this post educates readers with the cause of most acne and how to avoid it, naturally.

HEART BURN, Native Remedies Blog:  A. Tarallo discusses ways to avoid heartburn in the first place, like not over-eating. But since we live in a society of over-indulging, she also provides a great natural remedy to alleviate the symptoms of heart burn.


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