Natural health to keep you going!

New York Times: Ah, the great organic food debate. This post might give you another reason to spend those extra dollars on organic produce. According to a study published in The Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, organically grown tomatoes have higher levels a flavonoids than in conventionally grown tomatoes. There is evidence that flavonoids may fight age-related disease, like cardiovascular disease. Read up.

Her-blog-ogy: Oats… we crave them when the weather gets cold, and for good reason. The breakfast good is eaten to generate warmth and energy, but the whole plant is used in herbal medicine. The plant, oat straw is a strong tonic for the nervous system, and it is rich in vitamins, minerals and flavonoids.

Reiki, Medicine and Self-Care with Pamela Miles: Reiki is a healing art of Japanese origin. This blog is a great resource to explore Reiki treatment. This particular post discusses whether Reiki is a spiritual practice or energy medicine. Read to see what healer Pamela Miles has to say. Miles has demonstrated the healing art on the “Dr. Oz Show.”

Natural Health Ezine: This blog always delivers reads with great practical information. This post on natural antihistamines shares a wealth of natural alternatives to drugstore allergy pills, which either leave your groggy or amped up.

Acupuncture Health Insights: Another true blue. Lynn Jaffee can always find a way to bring everything back to the chinese medicine perspective. This time, she takes the media’s description of “outraged voters” and relates it to liver stagnations. Jaffee discuses how anger and rage are deeply related to liver function. Read on to see the connection.


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