Natural living lives on

1. Global Healing Center: Fair trade organic coffee costs more than your average grocery store bean, but according to this blog, the purchase is well worth your pennies. This blog makes an argument for choosing fair trade organic coffee, and it clarifies what exactly “fair trade” means while doing so.

2.Natural Health Ezine: “Roughly 70 million Americans suffer from sleep deprivation, “says freelance writer Carol J. Alexander in a blog post for Natural Health Ezine. She tells her own personal story of sleep deprivation and shares information and advice for getting on a healthy sleep cycle.

3. Native Remedies Blog: With the  pollutants and chemical irritants we encounter on a daily basis, nasal congestion has become a common problem for many people.  Symptoms of nasal congestion include headaches and pressure in between the eyes. Neti pots are a great remedy for this without the harsh side effects of over the counter medications. These little pots are shaped to fit in nasal openings and are used to dispense saline solution though the nasal passage, thus relieving nasal congestion. Read for more information.

4. Alternative Medicines: Good news! Apparently we don’t have to kill our bodies in the gym all the time to get some of the health benefits. Just doing a few easy stretching exercises a day can improve your physical fitness. Stretching can both lengthen and strengthen your muscles, and it promotes deep breathing. Stretch!

5. Blog of Herbs and Health: Ever notice that no fat or low fat diets don’t usually work out? That’s because healthy fats are essential to the body just like carbohydrates and proteins.  All three are considered macromolecules. When one deprives the body of healthy fats, the body starts to conserve the fat supplies it has in the body, therefore, it is difficult to loose weight. Read this post to learn what kinds of fats are healthy fats.


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